Weird reward calculation on testnet

Hello, I’d like to understand one thing, despite it happened on testnet I still can’t get my head around this:

Recently we reconfigured our pool (SEAL) both on testnet (one epoch earlier) and mainnet to use one more wallet (for security hardening). This new wallet, which was mostly empty even on testnet is also configured as a reward address for pool. I was expecting that we will start receiving rewards into new wallet after couple epochs, despite it’s been almost a month now and we were still receiving them to old one. Since beginning the new wallet in testnet had only ~1k ADA. This new wallet was created and staked on 28th Sep, pool reconfigured probably a day or two later.

Last epoch during which new wallet was already fully staked, in order to test “safety” of pledge transfer I transfered 10M ADA from original owner wallet to new one - for this amount we should start receiving rewards earliest 2 epochs later, however - to my surprise, it doesn’t seem so. The epoch finished yesterday and first reward we received in new wallet was over 2k ADA!

This doesn’t make any sense at all - pool margin is 0% and fixed costs 340. If anything we should have received 340ADA reward - so where does the 2000ADA come from? and why did it take about 6 epochs for this change? If this 2k reward comes from 10M stake, how could we get it so fast? We literally got it after epoch in which we transferred this amount?

Can someone explain this?

mystery explained:

it seems that owner wallets are somehow pooled - that means their total stake is considered a single wallet and all regular delegator rewards are always written to stake address of reward address, no matter of the stake of individual wallets. So if you have 2 owner wallets:

  • A with stake 20 000000
  • B with stake 100

And B is set to reward address then B will be also getting delegator rewards of A, and A will be getting nothing from perspective of regular delegator.

I think this is undocumented property of reward calculation, or at least I didn’t find it!