What can Cardano do for the Hospitality Industry?

I’ve been in the Hospitality Industry for longer than I care to admit, basically my entire career. I started as a dishwasher, and have moved up through the ranks over the years. I’m currently an Operations Manager for company that manages 30 properties in the northwest corner of the country, with my primary roll being a General Manager at brand new Hilton Garden Inn.

I’ve watched the cryptospace develop and change over the years, and I truly believe that we are on the precipice of mass adoption and acceptance by the mainstream public.

I was hoping to take my talents and experience into a new field. Perhaps combining my hospitality industry expertise with my love of Cardano. Does anyone know of any projects relating to the industry? I was thinking along the lines of Booking.com or Expedia.com. Both are absolute behemoths, with yearly revenues that rival small countries GDP’s.

I dont know exactly how Cardano and its functionality could be applied to the Industry I’m so very familiar with, but I’d like to get involved with like minded people if they’re out there.


Is there anybody out there?
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Hi Scott,

Don’t know about any hospitality related projects. Could only find kubecoin.org. I do think it is a great fit though. Decentralised version of Booking would be great.

Tip: Maybe check out the Gimbalabs playground and get in touch with the founders.

All the best!


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Hi, thank you so much for engaging the Cardano community. I think many people starting out in the blockchain industry face similar questions. They are truly believing in the technology, but still can’t imagine a proper use case. I think this is something, most of the the community members know. It just needs some time and deep thinking over and over again. There is one thing I remarked many times, many people think blockchain will be used in every single application. Sometimes it makes sense to use blockchain, sometimes it won’t make sense to use blockchain. Me personally, since I am not from the hospitality industry I can not imagine a use case besides payment with crypto?

What you might want to do is to write down things where you think your industry lacks trust. Where do customers or companies in the hospitality sector seek trust? Where does manipulation happen in your industry? Are there scenarios where someone wants to manipulates databases? Writing this, I can imagine that deleting bad reviews might be an issue?

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