What could be the reason that my node falls behind the blockchain after some time?

I need to restart jormungander all the time, because it always falls behind the blockchain. Any ideas why this might be happening?

maybe because of the forks?

keep an eye on your nodes resources. If the number of TCP-connections exceeds a certain limit it will probably start missing new updates. It’s a known issue and a fix should be available in a few days.

Also as mentioned before be aware: some pools decided to produce multiple blocks for the same slot, to have a higher probability that one of it will make it to the permanent chain. (optimize profits)

But this means that all other pools who don’t create forks for every block they produce, have to pick one of the previous pools blocks. As this must happen right the slot after, there is not enough information to pick “the longest” (most active) fork.

Here’s a a list of all pools who created multiple blocks in ~ last 2 epochs