What does staking your ADA mean in Cardano?


The purpose of this video is to offer a simple explanation of the concept of staking within the Cardano ecosystem.



Cool video man. Maybe you could also add how the reward is split among everyone in the pool?

Eg: If there’s 4 ADA in the pool: say number 4, 12, 23, 38 and 38 get’s picked by the random number generator. Does the owner of number 38 get more reward then the other 3? Say 55% for number 38 and then 4,12 & 23 all get 15%? Or is it shared 25% for every ADA in the pool?


Found the staking document that explains it… Could still add it to the video though. :slight_smile:

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All rewards are split according to the stake. If those 4 users each delegated 1 ADA - then each will get 25% of available rewards.


And a part to the pool owner for running the staking pool…

Thank you. I found it helpful, and the visual aids were good too. It would be great to see more topics as I can get a little lost reading how all of this will work, thanks again.


Will do. :slight_smile: