What else to write about on Cardano (English/Russian)?

Hey guys, I posted here once with a link to my articles about Cardano in Russian.

I’ve been considering some topics to write about (for example, Cardano tech), but didn’t come up with another decent topic yet.

For example, you can check a few my articles in Russian:

Как программисту или вебмастеру заработать на квартиру (нестандартный метод) — this article about investing in Cardano got over 300 views, mostly from outside of the Cardano (or even crypto) community. It suggests to consider investing in cryptocurrency/ADA and covers the risk/rewart ratio.

It also has some amusing pictures and media, so it’s not boring.

Another examples: Перспективные криптовалюты — about Cardano and some other cryptocurrencies, Как я сделал x5 в минус на крипте и почему я не унываю — how my investment in Cardano went 80% down… and why I decided not to give up.

As you see, I covered mostly market part in my articles so far.

Feel free to suggest a topic for me to write about, and I’ll gladly consider it. The audience of my blog are developers and webmasters, and they may be interested to know more about this project.


I also wrote a post about Cardano meme contest.

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Thank you, love the post :+1:

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You’re welcome, Sean. Love the contest.

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Hi @BigBossK
I also ask that question myself.
I try to be as broad as possible, mixing articles about blockchain in general, that could be published one year ago already, and also specific ones.
As per IOHK and Emurgo blog posts, when I have the chance, I try to translate them the as closer to the publication date as possible.:slightly_smiling_face:

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After reading some of articles from IOHK blog, I thought they are a bit too complicated for the mass audience. I mean, those articles are written mostly by PhD’s, and you have to have some background knowledge to read them:

How about trying to explain the tech in normal words? This would give Cardano a lot more of exposure.

Yes, I agree.
I try to find the ones that are not so complicated to understand (not too much math haha!!)

At least hispanic community (by checking total quantity views) seems to be interested in things like PoS, Charles Hoskinson AMAs, Staking, etc

There are several articles that seems to be understandable, since total views continue increasing several months after they were published.

I think that through Adatainment, Adaizen, Undersearcher, Cryptobriefing, etc, several interesting /understandable articles can be found

Yeah, the thing is that most of their articles are for a fairly narrow circle of academics and developers.

How about writing some summary of what they are talking about? For example, an article on how PoS is different from PoW, without complicated math, but maybe with pictures or something.

I’m sure 99.9% of users don’t need so many details, but they would need a general understanding of how it works and how to properly use it. They can always dig deeper if they want to.

Hold my beer:

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I was just thinking about you! :blush:

Hope one day we will have the chance for blackboard series to be reasonably easy translated into all languages, perhaps, as the Yoroi Wallet, through crowdin.com or something similar.

Unfortunately it is not possible to “simply” translate these type of videos. This is not text to speech, you would find a new speaker, record the voice and (almost) everything has to be done new so that the timing is right.

This would be really cool but not something that I see in the near future. We are working currently on the “Blackboard Series Season 2” with a new lovely female voice and a slightly different style.

8 new episodes, it will be amazing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::ok_hand:

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This kind of content is exactly what I was talking about.

So now Cardano has all 3 kinds of content:

  • Well-grounded research articles;
  • Articles/videos explaining it to a wider audience;
  • Memes, which give it even wider spread.

I believe all 3 are important. Memes and “funny pictures” are part of the modern Internet-culture, and they have a great impact, too.

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Yes, I fully comprehend.

Current voice in blackboard series is also amazing :+1:(as several in the ecosystem like Philpa, Ada Voice, etc) . Very nice to hear and very easy to understand.

Hoping to see the new episodes then :heart_eyes_cat:

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