What happens to rewards after switching pools?

Hi there,

I have switched to another pool because saturation was at 100%. But I did not claim my rewards in Eternl. What happens now to those rewards?

When you delegate to a pool think of this like pointing your staking key at the stake pool you support. When you change your delegation, you are simply pointing your staking key at a new stake pool you support.

Your rewards are not paid to the stake pool, but rather to your own staking key account. They will continue to issue to your account no matter how many times you change your stake pool delegation. You also don’t need to specifically withdraw them. Nevertheless they are available for spending whenever you want to transfer some Ada from your account and the balance of your account shown in your wallet will include your staking rewards.


Nothing. They will stay in your account until you spend them.


Like the others have said:

Rewards stay available on your stake address to be withdrawn any time you like. They are not paid from or to or managed by the stake pool, but by the Cardano protocol itself.

Also: The switch is not effective immediately. Just like it took until the fourth epoch boundary (15 to 20 days) to receive the first rewards when you first started staking, it takes exactly the same four epoch boundaries, 15 to 20 days, until your switch will become effective.

You will continue to receive rewards from the old pool for that time.