What happens when one owner moves funds to another owner

For the same pool would this effect pledge in any way? Hence, could this result in loss of rewards? I’m still not clear how and when the pledge snapshot is taken and whether it matters which owner contributes to the pledge.

If it does not matter, it would theoretically be possible for one owner to move all of its funds to another owner and get removed from the pool config in the same epoch. Is that so?

If the pledged amount does not change, you can safely do it within an epoch. It is the total amount that matters, not how it is split up between wallets (provided those wallets are already co-owners now).

Now, if you wish to decrease the pledge, you need to declare it during epoch n but must wait the start of the next epoch (n+1) before taking out funds from the pledge. Same goes if you wish to change completely the source of pledge.


declare it during epoch n but must wait the start of the next epoch ( n+1 )

Is that really true? I thought it would take at least 2 epochs for pool config changes to take effect. It’d be good if someone could perhaps provide a pointer to a spec for a definite answer.

The new pledge snaphot will be taken at the start of epoch n+1 (assuming a declaration of change in epoch n), so it is safe to lower during the n+1 epoch. Because consistency will be checked between beginning and end of this n+1 epoch. You can wait for others to confirm.

This pool update happened in E296. ADAPools claims that it’ll become active in E299. This would be N+3. In contrast, a normal (user) delegation change becomes active in N+2. I believe for pool updates it is one more epoch in order to give delegators a chance to react to it.

The spec would probably be explicit about it, but unfortunately I would know where to look for stuff like this.

In the case of fees changes, yes.

Pledge changes as well and owner changes not?

That’s right. This has been tested by myself and others quite some time ago.
Now, given the sensitive nature of such change and penalties if not done right, I can only invite you to first give it a try on Testnet…

If this environment is too slow for you, you could also try it out in a 2 hours epochs testnet maintained by the guild. (Files in the following link. Please note that as of today, I don’t know the status of this testnet - guild-operators/files at alpha · cardano-community/guild-operators · GitHub).

Merci. To (hopefully) be on the safe side, I’ll wait until N+3 anyway.