What is the aim for ADA?

Are the aims for ADA laid out anywhere?

You could start on the Cardano website

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You could have a look at these sites:



Hear it from the CEO himself, he gives a pretty good overview of the tech’s aims and long term vision.

Also take a look at the article on Medium that is pretty fair in it’s assessment of Cardano. He also outlines the Tech’s aspiration.

If you do your own research and understand the quality of this project, you will quickly realize we are just getting started around $0.50. This project is already a top 10 tech and has plenty of room to grow.

Hope this helps

Cardano is described as a glue which facilitates the internet of blockchains. Cardano acts as a bridge. - Where does ADA come into play here?

you’re right I was referring to The Cardano Project as a whole not their native currency ADA. I edited my previous post. I was assuming the OP was asking about the entire project as a whole. Essentially when ADA is traded on the echanges people are throwing in with the entire project itself and not just the cryptocurrency.

Or you can also listen a fresh podcast focused on Cardano…

Pick which you prefer:

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