What is the Cardano community like?

I’m thinking about investing a couple thousand in Cardano but I have to say the brief interaction I had with the reddit community was pretty hostile. Basically I was just asking for a few Lovelace to test the system and I was harassed and the post got removed. I get not wanting to send people Lovelace but I wasn’t being forceful in any way. What are your thoughts?

Welcome to Cardano

Hmmm, there were so many SCAMS on Cardano … perhaps that’s why your request generated that behavior :slight_smile:

If u have any question (regarding wallets, staking, pools, etc) search here for an answer or open a new topic… a lot of great people will reply to you



Okay good to know! I guess I can better understand it if the community went through a period of being inundated with scammers. It could also just be reddit in general. Anyways I won’t give up on Cardano just yet! Thanks for welcoming me here!

And, stay away from SCAMs… there is no GIVEAWAY, no daedalus for mobile, etc … if u have concerns… ask before to send the money to strangers… in fact no one should ask for your ADA, NEVER!

Search here giveaway and u will see how many people were scamed :frowning:


And I’ll stake with your pool when I get around to investing! Looks like a good cause!

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There are a lot of great pools here you will see

but thanks anyway


I’m familiar with bitcoin scams, once fell for one late at night when I wasn’t thinking clearly.

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Anyway, I think there is Daedalus for testnet if u will want to test something (it’s using ADA for test) you don’t need to use real ADA

Go the safe way, that is cardano.org - menu - individuals. There are correct links to wallets. light wallet yoroi and full node wallet daedalus.
Never send ada to anyone, regardless of what they promise.

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First of all, welcome to Cardano.
I think the best way to test Cardano is using the testnet. You can install the Cardano node and play around with it. And the best part, you can get free tADA (tADA is testnet ADA) too for free from the Faucet. Just google it… Then you can have fun with it.
Owh… One more thing please don’t ask for real ADA. Because, there are too many scam in Crypto, that give crypto a bad name.
Thank you and enjoy…

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Reddit is not the friendliest of places. It’s a rumor mill on the best of days.

Asking how the Cardano community is is like asking people who live in the UK how the UK is…

Londoners, Mancunians, Brummies, Liverpudlians, Geordies, Glaswegians etc. are all part of the UK but will all yield you very different experiences, let alone the different experiences inside those groups based on individual wealth, access and infrastructure.

The only commonality berween those people is that they pay for things in £ sterling.

Same with Cardano, there are a LOT of communities with different interests and expertises. I would say stick around, ask questions and find some cardano communities that will help you understand what is going on a bit better and also give you a purpose for Cardano :slight_smile:

Mine is to eventually become a Plutus developer.