What is the Cardano d parameter?

LEAD Stake Pool
Secure | Reliable | Trusted
Helping to LEAD the way to a decentralised future

Ticker: LEAD
Pool ID: ec6cdcad62633e065be5d96eecea28464144a1827adc0cba98d29a23

Registered pledge: 100,000 ADA
Pool margin: 1.9%
Cost per epoch: 340 ADA


As always any feedback from the community would be greatly appreciated - Please remember I am trying to find the right balance between technical information SPOs know vs what delegators really want to know.

Any suggestions for future videos would also be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

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good vid thanks

No problem at all, just my small way of giving back to the community. Be sure to check my other videos on LEADs YouTube channel.

If you have any further questions please let me know. Always happy to help

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