What is the underlying principle regarding the amount of ADA-wallet and the right to vote in Catalyst Funds?

I did not find explicit information on the above topic. I know that the amount of ADA required to register for voting has decreased over the course of the different Funds, but I do not know what principle underlies the relation between the amount of ADA and the right to vote.

I think it’s to preserve the security of the vote… the objective is to have the vote results reflect what the community of ada holders and ada supporters want. If anyone could vote without any ada, or with say just one ada, then it would be easy for some wealthy individuals to try to skew the vote results and “attack” the system by voting in all the worst projects. (or you just get spammed by a bunch of people who couldn’t care less about the cardano ecosystem) It’s also still in the experimental stage, with gradual improvements and increasing access to more and more users. We want to make sure everything is working as planned before opening it up to the world


Thanks, you made clear some points in fact.
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The lower limit of Ada to allow you voting is only a technicality. Since the voting power equals to the wallet ballance those with near zero ADA wouldn’t be able to make any difference on the voting results anyway.

How much ADA must I have to be eligible to vote? It was 3,000. Has that been changed?

So, that is the same issue. It’s the same thing: ADA-VOTE & ADA-WEIGHT. Didn’t know that. Not much room for passion there.

Now it’s 500

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to be technical here, small wallet balances still have some affect, and do make a difference on the vote. Yes big wallets have more voting power, but a small wallet still has some representation, and it’s important for those who care to participate.