Voting in app starts next week, the future of Cardano is in your hands + AMA!

I need to make a correction on the title. The voting will actually not start this week, I made this mistake because the information on the front page of Project Catalyst states that voting does start this week. IT DOESN’T! It starts on the 28th.

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Can you vote with each wallet you have than ?

Yes, as long as it has 8000 ADA.

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Okay thanks, and if you have 16k ADA in one wallet, does it equal 2 votes ?

Good question. If voting is weighted proportionally with respect to how many ADA you own, it won’t make a difference how many votes you get - you’re votes will count the same individually from each wallet as they do collectively from a single wallet, you’ll just be wasting more time voting from more wallets, and spending fees if there are any on a per-vote basis as a mechanism against DOS attack from within the cardano network. I don’t know if the cardano network prevents you from voting from the same wallet twice by ignoring your second vote, and it has spam protection on top of that by charging a fee for each vote, regardless if you already voted or not.
It’s all conjecture on my part- let’s see what happens when it actually goes live.