Vote power?

hey there cardanians , i have a question just have open my catalyst voting app all fine and good but when i see my voting power its much lower then coins i have in my wallet the power is excluded my rewards i have got from my staking?? is that right or the rule by iohk set must b one on one with balance of wallet???
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As far as I know, the voting power is the snapshot of your registered wallet at 05 March 2021 at 19:47 (in my case). So if at that time, you have 10000 ADA in your wallet, you will get 10000 voting power. I don’t know about the rewards that you get from staking.

Hope it helps @Salem . You maybe right that it’s one on one with the balance of the wallet.

aha i get it sir even snapshot taken on 5 march the voting power stil is not matching my coins in my wallet its off by couple of thousands coins i think iohk dont plus your rewards of staking in the voting power no clue why its so​:thinking::thinking::thinking:
anyway gone call charles today​:grin::grin::grin:
cheers mate thanks
viva la cardano

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