What is the value proposition of Cardano?e

Sometimes a very simple question pops up on social media. What is the value proposition of Cardano? The question is legitimate, but it is very difficult to answer in a few sentences. To say that Cardano is a social and financial operating system is a too abstract answer that doesn’t tell anyone how Cardano differs from other smart contract platforms. If one wants to explain a single detail, the others can be overlooked. The project must be seen in all its details in order to get a realistic picture. We will try to create a list of things that should be looked at by everyone who wants to know the value proposition of Cardano.


  • It is easy to overlook the advantages of the Extended UTXO model.
  • PoS Leios can solve the blockchain trilemma in a very elegant way.
  • Cardano has a so-called multi-asset ledger. Tokens are stored directly in the ledger similar to ADA coins and smart contracts are not needed for interaction.
  • Cardano has native liquid staking.
  • Mithril is a light client that enables even mobile devices to communicate Peer-to-Peer.
  • The IOG team is building Cardano as a mission-critical system, i.e. as software for nuclear power plants, aeroplanes, hospitals or banks.
  • It is easy to upgrade Cardano via a hard-fork combinator. No ghost blockchains and ghost tokens.
  • Cardano has a fair distribution of ADA coins.
  • Cardano has a project treasury and Catalyst.

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Good list. Here’s one:

  • Cardano subjects its technology to peer review by academic researchers, and extensively tests code before it goes live.