What’s up with Binance?

Is it just me or the websites down?

They extended their maintenance window.


Thank you @Crypto_J

Binance is acting up again…:ada: withdrawals suspended due to wallet maintenance

Binance is trading billions everyday ,don’t spread fund.

Fud l mean Sean.

FUD stands for Fear Doubt and Uncertainty.

I haven’t been able to withdraw :ada: from Binance the whole day, that’s not FUD…its a fact. Im sharing it here to find out if anyone else is experiencing this and has some info. I’m also wandering if this has something to do with Shelly :crossed_fingers:

Just messin’ with ya.All institutions banks etc have this kind of thing from time to time.It would be great if it was to do with Shelley but that is highly unlikely. So close to after the summit you would have thought that something would have been said at the summit if it was about Shelley release.

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A week ago, I was not longer able to withdraw my ADA on binance because I did not receive the requisite confirmation email during the withdrawal process. Tried X times but not only one mail I did found in the spam folder. The whitelist was complete and correct. I can not answer, whether may be a blocked IP on an antispam server could be the reason (binance have to find this out). Binance support explained to me, that all mails for the witdrawal process did received me (no reject). So I changed my email adress and had to wait the 120 hours suspending time only for witdrawal actions. In the meantime, as well at the end of the waiting period, I was able to find the following entry on the portal Binance to ADA - “Wallet Maintenance, Deposit & Withdrawal Suspended”.
It was extended meanwhile; not only for “withdrawal” functions. In November 2018 affected persons reported about, I am now amazed to be unable to find any request or news on the Internet beside yours on the current situation. “Current” (since half week), because
Binance supporting team, did mentioned “ADA wallet is currently under maintenance”. Do someone know more about wether such things happens often and how long last a maintainace generally; if so?
regards, Stephan

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Hello @Stephan60
Hopefully someone from the forum can chime in. I’m sure the funds are safe, but I would like an ETA on the issue. I will say I’ve been having trouble withdrawing from Binance using my PC for a while. I would get logged out every time I tried to withdraw, it still worked from the phone though. I get a feeling they have a few bugs to work out.

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I think what Noobnoob is getting at is why do you come here instead of contacting Binance support?

Probably because in these cases with exchange’s wallets being offline, sometimes for several days they almost always give very little information out. He’s probably a little worried like anyone would be if their funds were inaccessible so is looking for some reassurance - same thing happened to me with Bittrex and ADA. They do nothing besides apologise for the delay and tell you they can’t give an ETA on when the wallets/sending/receiving will be available again but ‘rest assured’ their ‘techhies’ aka ‘devs’ are working as hard as they can.