What The Fork?

When the ITN gets rolled over to the “real” chain, what happens to the ITN tokens? If they are not destroyed, then of course people will hodl them and a community will attempt to accrue value o to them.

Is this a Bitcoin/Litecoin, BC, BSV… situation?

ITN is not a fork. And even less a contentious fork. On the other hand, what the community or the market does with the coins exceeds Cardano. It strikes me that it is only now that they are concerned about the tADA currency when it has been in existence since December, and I have personally seen buy-sell transactions with it. The currency already exists. And if you want, an exchange, a person, or whoever, can sell tADA. As long as there is one who wants to sell and another who wants to buy, that cannot be helped. The value is related to other aspects. The value is related to the community, to the team, to the infrastructure, to the purpose, etc., rather than its existence itself.

As crypto investor you must understand that the value of cryptomoney depends largely on science and technology (adoption and marketing is for another chapter). The first is more silent but very important. The second is more visible but complex. And within its requirements to be successful, the technology needs to be tested, and tested before it is launched. And because it is a decentralized network, testing requires a decentralized testing network. But it is only a test network. The value is in stability, capacity, security, reliability. You’ll only get that from the mainnet. If one day most people decide to implement a new snapshot, the tADA coins go to waste. As it is a test network, this type of manipulation is taken as feasible, decided in a decentralized way, but that the fact of the existence of the currency does not imply any kind of security.

A decentralized network cannot be removed easily. A decentralized network cannot be killed if the nodes that make it up decide to continue operating it. But if we could, why would we do it? ITN has proven to be a successful test network. Why not use it for new functionality tests, new protocols, new related devs, I+D, etc., before they are launched on the mainnet?


Why can the ADA Holders not all have a vote as it will be affecting the whole community ? And ofcourse the long term effects on ADA are not know but likely to effect the price as it will dilute the value. As this was not the plan in the start then why add it now and if it is. Surely all ADA holders should have an airdrop 1 for 1. It is crazy to split the ADA community like this and start all this in fighting. Just when shelly was going to be launched.

IMO that’s not just a widening of the franchise but in a sense the exact opposite. Until on-chain voting is available, nobody knows who the holders are, so there is no appropriate mechanism. Whereas the current proposition is that pool ops vote simply by keeping their pools up and running – a more straightforward mechanism could hardly be imagined.

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The ITN coins will not be destroyed. So i have a million ITN ADA that i will hodl forever just in case it gets listed on an exchange some day.

How is this not a forking?

Wouldn’t it be healthier for the Cardano system if they were destroyed?

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If it stay surely if ADA holder are to pay for this from the ADA coins they should be a new snap shot and air drop of a 1 to 1 ratio of coins they hold in the wallets. And it is easy to do a vote for ada basically anyone who has a wallet with ada should get a say.

So how do we know who has a wallet with ada?

SnapShot, simple of all the ADA holders even the one on exchanges or give them a fair chance to move their coin to be on the snapshot then their should be an airdrop so every holder gets the same amount in ITN>