What to use to get into crypto, just use Gem?

First, I’m not Gem’s target audience, don’t hate me but I detest unicorns, to the point that I hear me fathers words echoing in my skull about hippies, so theirs that.

I became interested in Gem because of their approach to storing blockchain data, put simply they don’t harvest a blockchain, instead, they use its metadata for their data, very cool.

What is Gem? Micah Winkelspecht CEO has this to say:

The next billion consumers are your friends and family at the Thanksgiving dinner table. They’ve heard you gush about crypto, but have yet to take action. They find the whole thing confusing and scary. We want to address that. We probably won’t be the tool for the advanced day trader. But when his best friend calls him and asks what he should use to get into crypto, we want him to say - just use Gem."

Maybe Gem will fulfill on their mission, I will never admit this again, but Gem did find its way on to my phone, unicorn and all, and yes Cardano is an asset choice, quite nicely displayed I might add.

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I have been liking another project that aims to replace visa/MasterCard network. You can join by invite only. https://initiativeq.com/invite/HlmiOsd27

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Indeed, it is hard to find a more logical economist than Lawrence H. White, Initiative Q’s models were developed from his thinking on the abolition of the federal reserve through the promotion of private and competitive banking.

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That looks really scammy.

So I thought. But nothing to lose, right?

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I think they are just going to sell your data. no big deal I guess.

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It does doesn’t it, I have yet to signup because I perceived it the same way.

And this (FAQ):

Cryptocurrency is a brilliant solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.


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My junk email has been for sale for ages.

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if it has your personal info I am willing to buy it right now! for like 10 ada.

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Well that’s disappointing…

I like their solution and how they want to get people on board before they approach merchants… I do however question their execution.

Some prominent figures are involved in the project so if it all were some scam, it would hurt their reputation—hence future wealth.

My main concern is how they will find the suckers to buy these tokens for actual money. But then I realized that stellar also distributed their tokens for free…

So not so outlandish after all.

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It doesn’t— hence the junk mail.

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Dang it :wink:

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The project that I think have something special is Halo chain … don’t know if related yet worth to mention

Who knows, great rule is when in doubt, be the first to dump. You will get something for nothing in cryptoland if you are fast enough.

There’s not much to lose, make a new email, use a unique password. And when the opportunity arises dump faster than the flash on meth…

PS: i have NOT DYOR on this project, but they have a great website (scam or not).