What will Cardano Computation Layer use: IELE or KEVM?

I was under the impression that Cardano’s CL will use IELE. With the launch of K-EVM testnet in May and IELE testnet later in June, I am kind of confused as to which VM Cardano will eventually use. Could they use both?

Good question! Cardano computational layer will use both IELE and KEVM.

Cardano-CL will be a complex computational “layer” consisting of multiple various sidechains. Each chain might have its own rules and its own type of contracts, and almost not depend on other chains. New chains might be added thru the lifetime of the platform, and old unused chains might be removed (closed). For the initial launch there are planned to be two chains:

  1. One is using KEVM and completely compatible with Ethereum. So any ERC20 might be launched in there, and any Solidity contract might be deployed.

  2. The second one is using IELE and not compatible with Ethereum (well, maybe actually partially compatible, but not directly). This one will feature Plutus, Marlow (Blockly), and k-compatible languages (Java, C#, etc).

So there will be two separate test-nets for each of those chains. Whenever there will be a new computational chain planned for addition into Cardano, the company responsible for its development should launch another new specific test-net, to test just that one new chain.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification. This really nails it. Do I understand that IELE and KEVM will only be tested at this point with their main-nets to be rolled out sometime in Q3 2018?

Thanks again. Do you work at IOHK?

It will be only in testing for now, yes. But Q3 starts in July :slight_smile: I doubt we will see Shelley in main-net until the very end of Q3 or even the start of Q4.

Virtual machines and Cardano-CL are parts of Goguen to which there are still a lot of development: https://cardanoroadmap.com/#goguen

I would say that more realistic dates for Goguen are: end of 2018 - start of 2019. But keep a close eye to the roadmap and announcements, you never know :slight_smile:

Not to my knowledge :slight_smile:


Thanks for your detailed responses. You seem to know a lot about how Cardano works, hence I asked the question. Always appreciate your clarifications.

The second half of 2018 is going to be so exciting for Cardano. I can’t wait to see that beast unleashed into the wild.