When should i sell

Hi guys im new in the crypto world and i was wondering first why did cardano rise is there a spesific reason or whatever and i was wondering when should i sell

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It’s all the coins. Green everywhere

Market seems to start the recovery phase now after weeks of consolidation.

To soon the think about selling; accumulation should be at the forefront of your thinking…

Agree, if you are daily trader, you should be selling by now but i believe that ADA will have a great potential and it might reach 1.2 dollar by end of 2018.

You should sell as soon as you feel like you’ve made enough money and don’t want to risk your investment anymore.

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It rose because we believe it will have significant future utility due to security, governance, smart contracts, interaction with legacy finance, layer separation, sidechains, etc.

For that same reason, it’s probably a bad time to sell. The whole market has contracted almost indiscriminately and Cardano’s promise has not been fully realized yet.

So, when?

Hopefully, never! At least when it comes to selling all of it.

For a more limited amount, you should sell some if you need to use it. You should also probably sell some in the medium term (next 6 months) if your portfolio is not diversified and you don’t understand it that well (e.g. over 50% of your money is in Cardano).

If you bought Cardano only because you thought it was going to have a short term spike, you already blew it. Might as well investigate its long term potential instead.

When should I sell. Never:grinning: