When to move some BTC into Alts (ADA)

Some altcoins I have been watching have been hitting some pretty low low’s (BTC price) and I was wondering what the right strategy would be to get into ADA and some other projects from BTC. A bunch of different scenarios’ play out in my head. If/When BTC corrects what will alts do, I wonder? Will people move their BTC into their favorite Alts to preserve their BTC? Will they just sell BTC for fiat and exit leaving alts to be effectively nothing? Should you wait until you feel like BTC is at a good entry point (2.5k - 6.5k IMO) to then also get a position in alts? My gut says now is a good time to move into alts. So enough with my blabbering, what do you think?

Everyone is crapping on alts because BTC is getting all the love right now. Last time this happened, alts were stagnant while BTC rose and then they 5-10x-ed in 14-60 days while everyone went crazy over them.