When will Binance and Bittrex accept new accounts?

Any news on when they will allow new accounts?

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Probably not until they can get enough staff and process all their tx , which , economically , that is ASAP for them

That makes sense but how long does something like that take? After posting this I discovered that Bittrex hasn’t been accepting new accounts since Dec 15th and Binance was today.

I must have been lucky! I opened a Bittrex account a couple of weeks ago with no issues. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing, realizing after the fact that I would need to open another account to deposit USD to then buy LiteCoin(LTC) and I am now waiting for the transaction to clear before I can transfer that to Bittrex and convert it to Ada. A crash course in crypto trading!

Oh, and I should mention to anyone else attempting to do the same, buy BTC or ETH, not LTC to send to Bittrex and save the step of converting LTC to BTC or ETH as Bittrex only trades ADA in pairs with BTC or ETH


You can sign up here https://launchpad.binance.com/register.html?ref=11012333

hey, so if your looking to use bittrex you need to either wait until they accept your request which I heard can be done if your reffered by someone, or you can use someone elses account which I have one for sale that you can buy for 0.5 eth and own it, if you want to talk if your really interested you can reply to me here

Wow - almost 500 dollars to get on an exchange - what a deal. Do you also get to drain the funds on that account ?


k i honestly didnt think youd reply but no i would actually give you the
full account.