Bittrex refusing new registrations?

I saw Charles Hoskinson’s presentation on YouTube and read the Ouroboros white paper and believe this is the next logical step in cryptocurrencies. Would like to make a small bet on this right now, however, BitTrex is not letting me register for an account due to some issues they are experiencing.

What other ways are there for US citizens to purchase some ADAs? I prefer to purchase with USD, but if that’s not possible, then I have a Coinbase account I can use.

Any suggestions on how to proceed? Thank you.

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Binance is a great one, I’d recommend that one. If I remember correctly you don’t need to be verified unless you are withdrawing over 2 BTC a day. Hope this helps.


Best option for you right now would be to buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum (I prefer Ethereum because of lower fee and its faster), and then transfer it to your binance account, from there you can buy ADA.

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Thanks guys, just opened an account on Binance, nice web UI and the app seems well done.While there I saw something called a Tether which is pegged 1 to 1 with the USD. Is this a real way of getting fiat USD into Binance or is it some scam currency? Thank you.

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It depends on how you see it, one big reason that people think it is a scam is because they have been putting out more and more tether everyday, and from what they said on their website, all Tether is backed by actual USD, but if you go see the total supply of Tether right now which is 1,149,999,377 USDT, and thats is a huge amount of money for a company which just started recently. On the other hand it does acts as and representation of USD.

(Just from my personal knowledge, quote me on anything that’s wrong)