Brand new to Crypto, need some help

Hey guys, I’ve set up accounts on Coinbase and Bittrex and would like to buy ADA. I haven’t gone through the Enhanced Verification on Bittrex yet. Is that the most efficient way to buy ADA? Should I go through Binance?

If you were investing in ADA for the very first time today, what would be your process?

Thanks for the help!

Definitely have your account verified first. It may say you can withdraw without verification but they will hold your money hostage when you’re about to transfer out of the exchange. If you get denied then you lose your money.

Process: A. Read the white paper. Check use cases and value proposition. Check implementation team’s credentials. Check roadmap/timeline. B. Watch videos. Search for news, forums. C. Trade in exchanges

A is the fundamentals. You have to believe in the value that the project wants to create.
B is the people’s perception about the worth of the product. Sometimes people have weird reasons why they will buy something. I have a friend who bougth an altcoin because of its acronym (e.g. OMG, POWR). Branding is really important.