I want to buy ADA, but cannot get verifed on any website

Hello there, I am interested in the Cardano Project, and really want to purchase some ADA. The last 2 weeks i have tried to get verified through coinbase, with no luck. Although my debit card has been confirmed, I am not sure if this is all i need in order to trade BTC for ADA? Or do i still need to be verified?? Since then the price of ADA has jumped from 50 to 70 cents…this is very frustrating. I have also tried to get verified on both Kraken and Bittrex, which have disabled new account registrations and their verification process due to high demand apparently…Do i have to be verified through these exchanges in order to buy ADA? thanks.

you can buy it on Binance, no need to get verification.
Only need verification if you intend to withdraw more than 2 BTC a day

thank you so much. I will try that.


I really like Binance. You can also buy ADA with Ethereum. Ethereum transfers are much cheaper and faster. Transferring Bitcoin from Coinbase is expensive. You can sign up to Gdax, which is owned by Coinbase, you can log on there with your Coinbase credentials. Transfers from Gdax are cheaper and faster.

Check YouTube - lots of videos on how to do this. Make sure you get your Daedalus Wallet set up on your desktop. It’s not really safe to leave coins on the exchange.

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the thing with GDAX is because my coin base acct has not been verified, i am unable to sign in with it using my coinbase details…i will try binance then…thank you.

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I buy Litecoin or Eth or most recently I prefer to buy Bitcoin Cash from Coinbase. Then i transfer to Binance and very fast and cheap.
Binance uses the code BCC for Bitcoin Cash, so I sell it for Eth or BTC on the exchange and then I buy ADA or whatever I choose.

Works best for me, and if you buy a little BNB your fees are 50%.