When Will the Balance of ADA Maximum Supply be Minted?

According to the Cardano monetary policy the max supply of ADA is 45B. The remaining ADA not currently in circulation, 13,887,515,354, will be issued after the launch through minting. When do we expect this to occur?

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It’s called staking, not minting, and it will start later this year. The staking testnet announcement is expected soon.

I believe staking and minting are two separate things. Minting may coincide with staking, but each are independent. We could stake without ever minting additional ADA however the community would have to decide how to fund the treasury.

Please refer to the last section of the monetary policy.


Ada is capped at an arbitrary 45,000,000,000, or forty-five billion Ada.


The remaining Ada, 13,887,515,354, will be issued after the launch through minting.
Note: There will never be more than 45,000,000,000 Ada in circulation.

I believe @RobJF is right in that some (not sure if all) of the remaining ADA will be minted to pay staking rewards in the early days

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The document is out of date regarding terminology. What it calls minting is now called staking. There is no separate minting. All of the ADA that is currently unissued will be distributed via staking, as I understand it. When it has gone staking will stop, rewards will be fees only.

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Once Shelley is launched, then we would had more data to answer your question more accurately!

Yes it would be minting new coins, but for that once stacking is live and we know all the viariable as % to treasury, % inflation and other parameters then I believe it’s possibe to calculate in how many years this remaking coins would be minted!
For now everything is just suppositions!

Stacking is about te stacks that you have, but if you would generate new coin with this process would be minting, at least from what I know, but not sure!

That’s not going to happen.

What is not going to happens ?

New coins being minted/generated/whatever you like to call it. The supply is limited to 45B.

Yes, I know by fact that 45 billions is the maximum! I really know!!!

This process until we reach that number, after the “ internet “ would be minting
Even, I assure you I don’t give a F how it is called!

You say you don’t care what it’s called but you insist it’s minting!

I think there’s some terminological confusion here and I’m far from being an expert so I’m going to drop out of this discussion.

This atitude man!
Yeah of course…

OK that makes sense. That proposes the question where are the additional 13B ADA not currently in circulation that have been set aside to fund the treasury for staking? Have those ADA already been created? If so who has custody of these coins (I would assume the CF would hold) and is the address public for us the community to monitor them?

Nobody owns the treasury and there is no address for it. It’s just there as a balance of coins.

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With all due respect that doesn’t sound legitimate. Without an address how do these coins exist on the blockchain? How would they transact into wallets as rewards for staking? I think it’s important to have a clear answer for this situation otherwise it becomes a source for FUD once Shelley is released.

They do not really exist on the blockchain but they can be calculated by following the ledger rules.

The protocol has “God mode” in this case. It can just do such things. Treasury is simply a special balance. No address, no private keys (of course, who would hold them? And how to store it? No one owns it)

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I dont understand 45 billions ada. 7.53 bilions people in this world. Each person should have 6 ada. Whats the point 45 billions ada supply?

Then answer the question - what’s the point of having 21 000 000 BTC :smile:

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Great answer here: (has already the right time code)