Total $ADA

Does anyone know if there is a plan for when all 45 billion $ADA are circulating? What will happen to staking/rewards?

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Rewards are currently paid by reserves (new supply) and with transaction fees.

When the reserves are fully in circulation, the hope is that there are enough transactions on the network so that the fees of them can fully pay the rewards.


In my opinion this is a very important question, so I would like to have more details on this.

  • Who decides if reality is up to the ‘hope’ or not?
  • When will the reserves be fully in circulation?
  • Who will decide if the transaction fees are enough or not?
  • Is it possibble that the total supply will be higher than the 45B currently communicated?
  • Is there a page in the documentation dedicated to this topic?

In this document Monetary Policy it’s stated that the reserves are decaying in an exponential manner so that they are having a half life of 4-5 years. This means that they can not run out, they’re just decay-ing.

So I’m confused. Can someone clarify these questions or point me into the right direction of info?

Thanks in advance!

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