Where does Cardano stand in the gambling space?

I remember (at least I think I do) seeing an interview with Charles where he talked about how Cardano would be a good platform for gambling. Now with the recent Supreme Court ruling in the US, I was just wondering how Cardano is pursuing that space?

Cardano does not, per se, from what I know. They provide infrastructure, such as Cardano itself, and algos, like Kaleidoscope and Royale. Anyone is free to develop anything, using the technology.

This Question should be about Emurgo, and I don’t think there’s any known public information about this at the moment (partnerships, etc)

Hmm, Ok.

There’s going to be apps no doubt for live in-arena gambling within legalized states. For example, at an NBA game, a player is to go shoot a free throw but first there is a TV timeout or something. Then everyone in the arena can use their app to place a bet on whether the player makes that free throw or not. Tons of scenarios like that. It would be awesome if Cardano/developers using Cardano/Emurgo could tap into that somehow.

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