Gambling dapps on Cardano?

In reference to the problems Ethereum has on the it’s Blockchain with gambling apps, would Marlowe offer protection against gambling scams?

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This is a good question and topic. Thank you for bringing it into the forum.

Do you have a specific feature or specific example of how Marlowe or what specific feature in Marlowe would offer protection?

I am very interested in this topic of Gambling. I own an online gambling app in the US.

I approached Emurgo and asked if they would be interested in discussing a potential partnership so we could enter the US market together, but they were not interested bc it is a Japanese company and this is frowned upon in the culture. I was bummed out bc I’m a huge Cardano supporter (and Hoskinson fan).


If true, then this is troubling. One of the main advantages of crypto/blockchain tech is to create an inclusive ecosystem that is not impeded by individual cultural biases or censorship.


Well on a positive note, I know for sure the Japanese don’t frown upon gambling. The love it apparently. They got Pachinko arcades on every couple blocks in the major cities.

Maybe they frown upon the partnership?

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Thx @rickymac Not sure why Emurgo would frown on “the partnership” as we didn’t even have a conversation about “a partnership” ? - we’re young scrappy and hungry and would of bent over backwards to accommodate any cultural or other sensitivities.

I kept the emails from Emurgo, see the whole unedited exchanges below:

Hi David,

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do at the moment in regards to promotion on our end as we have been advised not to affiliate with gambling based applications (Japan is very rigorous in its stance towards gambling).

If this situation changes we will let you know.

Have you reached out to the community in testing your application? I have personally downloaded the application but could only get as far as the registration screen as I’m not in the USA.

This brings up another question, are you focusing on the United States for this application?


On Mar 15, 2018 4:54 AM, "David Ealy" <> wrote:

Hi Kyle. Are you still interested in continuing the conversation below?

Also, how can we appeal to have you consider our project?

You can find me on the Cardano community as well (dealy14).

Warm regards,

Dr. David A. Ealy

Hi David,

Unfortunately, Emurgo is not able to invest or partner with gambling-related projects or companies due to various regulations and business related items. However, we would be happy to connect you with key players/resources within our network.

From your website, it seems that you guys are building a platform around gambling? So not necessarily the single use-case you mentioned, correct?


On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 5:57 AM, David Ealy <> wrote:

Dear Emurgo. Warm regards. We are following up on our note below is there anything else we can provide?

Might we schedule a 15 minute demonstration and Q&A?

Eagerly awaiting your response, with respect,

David Allen Ealy – Co-Founder

O: 1-(717)-208-6866

C: 1-(571)-213-8210

From: David Ealy
Sent: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 11:25 AM
Subject: PropMe a Peer to Peer App

Dear Emurgo. Would you be interested in investing an underdog company that is going to revolutionize online gaming in the US? We are small, two people, but our vision is big and powerful. We want to change the way peer to peer proposition betting occurs. Currently, we have a Version 1 of an application called PropMe, which allows for peer to peer betting (one user can bet one user or many, get a confirmation, score the bet, track the result). We love this feature. It empowers the individual. It removes the need for large gambling houses owning the transaction. Online gaming will soon be legal in the US. We are looking just ahead of this curve.

We are small. We watched the first webcast and feel we are compatible with Cardano’s vision. We feel we bring a unique opportunity to Emurgo. We are leading with our hearts.

We would like to propose a partnership – place the PropMe vision in the Cardano blockchain, or develop with Cardano. We have planted the seed. It is fertile ground.

Can we partner?

Heart first, with respect,

David Allen Ealy – Co-Founder

O: 1-(717)-208-6866

C: 1-(571)-213-8210

Kyle Peterson

Analyst, Emurgo Co., Ltd.

Emurgo is the venture builder in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem

Thx @Risus76 Agree. I included the emails from Emurgo below in a reply to @rickymac.

thx again for the reply…

David, as I read it, this is about regulation, not culture.

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Thx @RobJF. If Emurgo doesn’t want to engage, that’s their choice/right.

It’s sour grapes with me, honestly. I think they missed out and am sour that they at least didn’t explore the opportunity. Gambling is legal in the US and an emerging market so I don’t believe culture or regulation. I think it was just a bad decision, again sour grapes…it’s on me.

Onward and upward. I own TMT so my sour grapes will have to chill out. I love Traxia.

@Dealy14 Did you take them up on the offer above? I feel like Emurgo is not going to be able to take on every project that comes their way, yet having them introduce you to someone that might be interested would be a good step in the right direction in building on the platform.

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Hi @anon20038177 . Yes, we tried to take them up on their offer and the response in my post above was clear (unfortunately, there is not much we can do at the moment in regards to promotion on our end as we have been advised not to affiliate with gambling based applications (Japan is very rigorous in its stance towards gambling)).

They’re not interested. I get it.

And, I reached out to our community via a post in another section, crickets.

So, we very reluctantly moved on…we’ll be doing a small press release that we have an MOU with a DAG-based gambling company. If you’re interested, let me know. Happy to share.

This thread isn’t the best topic for the Trading section, so I’ll drop.

Appreciate the responses!

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