Where to exchange Cardano

Hello - I had made a few exchanges of my Cardano back to ETH using Changelly over the last week but the option to exchange Cardano seems to have disappeared from Changelly today. Where can I do this? Thanks!

Hello bigbean41. There are a few options, did you look at Kraken or Binance?

Sorry forgot to mention, my challenge is that I live in New York where you can’t use those or anything really beyond Coinbase and Gemini to purchase coins and neither have Cardano listed. I was able obtain some ADA originally by using Atomic Wallet to swap for some. And then I have at times been able to move a little out of Atomic Wallet using Changelly to exchange ADA for ETH. But all of a sudden today ADA was not an option on Changelly so I couldn’t figure out how to swap out a little of my ADA.