Who wants to start a collection for Cardano Community to donate to Breast Cancer Research? Month of October

yeah I understand you
They hodl, maybe one day they would not need financing

The first pizza was payed 10000 bitcoins, the marchant maybe now is a millionaire for deciding one night accepting bitcoin, so maybe there is some visionary person…

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It takes time to build bridges. Mailing them a check would be fine for now.

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anyone in the forum is associated with any breast cancer organization?


Great idea, Rick.

We should get in touch with the American Cancer Society (https://www.cancer.org/cancer.html) and educate them about Cardano and how/why they could/should setup a Daedalus wallet to receive donations. We should also tell them that we have a vibrant community that would help and promote their cause if they would also advertise that they exclusively (in terms of crypto) accept ADA donations. To this end, we could perhaps have an ambassador that would walk them through the ADA wallet setups and the conversion of ADA to FIAT.

By the way, the ACS site is not specific to breast cancer, but other cancers too.

Edit: this could be after this year’s donation of course.

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I am a giving person, but the national and International charities often skim too much from the top for executive salaries and “conference” expenses. I choose to give to my local community. I have food banks, homeless shelters, mental health NPOs, and faith based benevolent associations all close to me. I know them and the work that they do. And they know me. Just my two Tron.

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Wow, never heard of that before. Which one should that be?

There is many videos on youtube about, i will post it later

Actually I came up with this idea this will Make a direct competence between Cardano, Bitcoin and ethereum.

I am a very ethic person there you will have my name and my info anyone that would like to work with me I can give you the business plan.

I thought it was a great idea but I can’t get people involved

Please see this video and share it this is done with my heart and is more trascendental.
Total trazability and transparency.

Give me your email I will send you the business plan. This is more trascendental I believe.

Sigh, I am sorry people are going through that dreaded crap. I donated.