Why almost all materials grew up more than double?


It is not related with cardano, but more global situation. I still cant find anything, that could explain
why wood and other materials for building houses increased for at least 1 or 2 times. I suspect global players maniputes the supply, that is why prices increased

Is it a signal of massive inflation incomming? Real estate escpeccialy flats prices more than double in a year. Some builders making 700 euros per day, here in Lithuania.

It is very similar to 2008, when builders were driving with new mercedes and when flats prices where skyrocketed too. I just wonder if we are already several month before massive crash or not.

Covid caused the lumber mills to shut down, so they were not supplying the market demand. Everyone was in lockdown and many people decided to remodel/renovate their homes because they were home with time off work. Demand for lumber goes up, supply goes down, price goes up. Econ 101.

I though it was manipulated by globalists. The supply was stoped manually. If the reason are lumber mills, than it is very temporary and at the beginning on next year it should back to normal.

yeah, lumber prices are already coming back down as the mills ramp up production

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What happens when you print trillions of dollars? Goods and services have to “absorb” all the extra cash in order to get balanced.
I recommend reading the book “The Bitcoin Standard” by Saifedean Ammous. It’s probably the best book on fundamentals of money, macro economics, and monetary policy I’ve ever read.

thanks for the book, I think I understand everything about btc, but will read the book :slight_smile:

they print trillions and planning to print more, when I read US gov. announcments they does not planning to stop printing :slight_smile: but I see the inflation is suppressed somehow, like silver price