Why can’t I paste my receiver address in my deadalus wallet


I down loaded my wallet last night and made a test receiving 20 ADA but the problem is that when I try to send back to my binance wallet it does not allow me to paste my receiver address. Please help **


Pasting is a very basic Windows thing, I doubt whether it’s a Daedalus problem. Are you using Ctrl-V? Sometimes that fails when you haven’t actually copied successfully and there’s nothing on the clipboard.


be sure you get your entire address, as binance does not show the entire address at once. for example see the images to the left and right of my full address shown below


And don’t send all your money to my address. (i’m not trying to steal anyones ada with this post, just trying to help)


Did you ever get the answer to sending ADA back to Binance. I’m having the very same problem. I even tried to type in the address as long as it is and risky but still said it wrong address.


You need to use Ctrl-V to paste the address in Daedalus.


Yes, this is correct.

There has also been at least one case where it was the antivirus that caused the problem.

Comodo Antivirus put the wallet in contained mode without me noticing. Hence it would let me copy the adress but not paste it into something outside of the contained environment. I just had to shut the auto containment off when opening the wallet.

Could provide a solution if ctrl-v does not work.


It works on my mac using both cmd+v and right click + paste to paste the receiver address into Daedalus. Does the paste function work in other apps? Like you were able to paste your wallet address into the web browser to send from binance to Daedalus, right?


It’s a known issue that right-click/paste doesn’t work in Daedalus on Windows. Makes sense it doesn’t apply to Macs, totally different system.