Why doesn't the Cardano Foundation talk to the stablecoin issuers Tether and Paxos?

Dear Cardano Community,
Dear Cardano Foundation,

Are there any discussions with Tether Limited (iFinex Inc.) or Paxos Trust Company regarding the stablecoins USDT, USDP, PAXG and PYUSD?

If not, then the following question:
Why are we only talking to Circle?
Why do we ignore other stablecoin issuers?


Kind regards,

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I recall that there have been discussions in the past but it costs a large amount of funds to make it happen. Hence it’s never happened. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

Are there any ways to get CF into discussions with these three companies again?
We need to talk with Tether, Paxos and Circle…

Cardano should be able to offer these three stablecoins like Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Stellar, Algorand, Tron or Celo…
We can’t stay as an island, if the other chains force interoperability!

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It’s sad that there is no more attention in our community to this topic…
Paxos or Tether are two more opportunities than only to focus on Circle…
Circle seems to be not interested on Cardano.

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You should start a working group within Intersect to try and work through what needs to be done at this point in time.

I know the Foundation and IOG have spoken to such organisations in the past, and the amount of funds required didn’t make it feasible.

Report back and let us know how you go.