Why is node Resyncing again

I’ve fully synced Relay Node for days. Now it is resyncing again and its progress is at 50.1%. Why is this so?

But my BP Node is still at 100% sync.

Download the db from here

It will take only few hours to sync…

Thank you @Alexd1985, that is an option. But I wanted to know why it is so, that suddenly from full synced DB down to 50%.

I don’t know, did u changed some paths, did u deleted the db or other files?
usually the node is resyncing when it can’t find the db to the path declared

Got enough free storage?

No I did not change the path to db, nor did I delete it. Also I’ve got enough space.
Screenshot from 2022-09-18 22-05-36

You might have a corrupted db that is why it’s resyncing again. I had the same experience with a local node I setup at home. As to why it got corrupted? I don’t know.

Even 12 hours of waiting for sync to progress, it has only made 4% to 56%. So an hour ago I copied the db folder from BP node to my relay node. After that, I’ve restarted the relay and now sync is at 99.9%. I hope it does the job. But I am still un answered why it has happened anyway. Thanks, everyone for your ideas and tips.