Why my old transaction history from Byron Wallet is not included in Shelley Wallet?

Updating was easy. I just followed up Daedalus instruction during the process:

  • I Updated Daedalus Mainnet to version 2.0 (Windows)
  • It starts to sync my two Byron Wallets
  • Sync completed and amount of ADA and all transactions looks right in Byron Wallets
  • I create a new Shelley Wallet. Waiting for sync is done and then I transfer all ADA from my first Byron Wallet
  • I create an another new Shelley Wallet. Waiting for sync done and then I transfer all ADA from my second Byron Wallet
  • Both transactions are correctly done

But old transaction history from Byron Wallets are not included in Shelley Wallets.

Because they’re completely seperate Wallets, when sending fund from 1 wallet to another you dont see history of source wallet in target one.

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I agree with you. It was also my first thought, but then read this comment. “The Shelly wallet seems to include the previous transaction history of my Byron so I assume there is no need to keep it open?” What Should We Do With Our Empty Byron Wallets?

It looks like there is a little confusion so let me clear up what I mean about transaction history. I purchased my ADA months ago in a one time sum. My Byron wallet only had the transaction from the exchange. So when I upgraded to Shelly I have just one entry again and in the block explorer I can trace it back to Shelly and then to Byron so I still have a chain of custody and its the same ADA amount.

I went ahead and deleted the Byron wallet but kept the passphrases in case I ever need to restore for some purpose. I do always wonder what happens to legacy tech after it has completed its objective.