WHy not unofficial IRC channel?

Hey guys,
To be honest I have hard time navigating through this forum. The other thing is that everyone is creating topics for this and that. From historical reference POV I find it useful but what if we have a real-time comm channel. Something like a channel on freenode?

@dystopia Hey John, thanks for the feedback. We are always listening for suggestions and this has been noted :slight_smile: The search function here is very good and worth looking at. We will also look at adding new categories if needed in the future.

We are also looking to launch the new Rocket Chat chat soon.

Rocket char is a nice idea but it’s quite buggy. We are using it in one of my projects. What about keybase or discord?

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Hi @dystopia we are going to Rocketchat for now - we’ve looked at the others…

What bugs have you seen?

@dystopia also keen to know what bugs you seen in RocketChat? I have seen a few but they have been fixing them pretty quick! :slight_smile:

Frankly I Haven’t paid much attention to those but whenever a file is shared I can’t download it. ( using linux client ).
A day or 2 ago they changed the UI so they might have fixed it. Can’t remember which project but they moved from rocket chat for the same reasons. I 'm not sayin not to give it a try but I think IRC is proven and it’s awesome :smiley:

If you say “unofficial”, why not create one yourself and post the channel info here?

But I think that aren’t too many users on IRC anymore, it’s quite obsolete and it’s not a very secure eviroment, but if you are a strong believer, go ahead, who knows… : )

@dystopia we have changed a setting in our RocketChat, you should have no problems with file sharing now! :slight_smile:

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I know this is an old thread, but I’m willing to be one of the admins for the Cardano chat room on Keybase. https://keybase.io/team/cardano

I’ve requested access, but haven’t heard from anyone.