Why structured p2p network(Kademlia)

I’ve learned that both Ethereum and Cardano use Kademlia as the structured p2p network algorithm, while bitcoin use a simpler gossip network which leads to more random network topology.
And it seems structured p2p network is more vulnerable to eclipse attack,
and don’t have benefits for blockchain usage(it’s useful for file sharing p2p network). (https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/researchers-explore-eclipse-attacks-ethereum-blockchain/).
So I wonder why Cardano chooses Kademlia network rather than simpler and more random gossip network.

EDIT: OK, I just read the documentation that Cardano use hash in the address, so adversary can’t forge node id easily. But I still don’t see the benefit of using Kademlia network.


I find it fascinating, thank you for sharing. It’s a shame that no Cardano core developers hang out on the forum to answer some questions from time to time. But they’re very busy.

I think your best shot is trying Dionysis Zindros on Twitter https://twitter.com/dionyziz

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