Will any new received ADA to my already staked wallet be automatically included in staking balance?

Hi. I have a quick question. Just did some digging and can’t find anything definitive.

I have two questions →

  1. Will any newly received ADA into my already staked wallet be included in the staking balance?

  2. Will the next reward (after the current epoch) consider my updated staking balance for calculating rewards? Or else, should I wait for two epochs for the new staking balance to be included for calculating rewards?

Appreciate your reply. Thanks.

  1. Yes
  2. Any change in delegation (increase/decrease of funds, as well as rewards - is reflected 2 epochs transitions later for pool to make blocks, and another 2 transitions for rewards. Thus, 15-20 days…and cycle repeats every 5 days)

Thank you for the answer. :+1:t2: