Will IOG/Emurgo Be Allowed to continue advertising on forums?

Since this was removed from the reddit, I am posting here. This has been ongoing discussion in the community regarding removal of youtube videos if the video has an advertisement within the video.

Wondering if IOG/Emurgo will have videos removed if they are advertising private projects that are NOT cardano core projects. ATALA is not a Cardano core project, therefore should it be allowed in videos?


link to removed post from reddit about this

Hey @The_Cryptoviser

Why do you think Atala (Prism) isnt one of the core projects for Cardano? Imo this is one of THE most promising projects which will run on Cardano so i don’t see the reason why it shouldnt be allowed to talk about that in our formus/channels.


If videos are being censored just because they talk about other projects then Cryptovisor is right about this… Is there a

standard that is allowed to be exempt?

food for thought…

Not sure what that means, the OP is trying to confuse (if not confused himself) between advertisements which are intentionally added as ‘support me financially’ - being asked to move to threads where it is allowed with building projects that can work within ecosystem. We do not see IOG videos asking for “please support us with funds to work on Atala”. There isnt a ban on youtube content creation either - as commonly being pictured by folks who want to use public visibility to enforce a decision against rules to allow them advertising in CF channels. Not all videos contain intentional advertisements beyond the guidelines put in place , and they’re around just fine.

If videos need advertisements - sure, but then they need to move to dedicated groups. It is similar to price discussions being moved to dedicated price groups.

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sounds good. As long as it’s consistent… sometimes lines get blurred when the creators and rule makers are cozy… looking forward to Prism…