Will pool owners be able to deny or has a settings not accept more ada in a future?


As many already knows about the saturation problem.

Can cardano developers improve the pool administration and give pool owners the option to deny new delgation manually or set the threashold in setting the specific amount of ada?

Saturation is not a problem, it’s a design feature. It’s up to Cardano officials and community to provide the relevant information, and up to delegators to educate themselves and avoid saturated pools.


this is from investor perspective. pools are not hedge funds (it is better than funds, because risk is almost eliminated) but from investor like me it is no different in terms of give a money and get return.

so like in all hedge funds there are limitation of money they can operate, same idea I have for the pools, which I think would help to have much greater proportions of ada and have the maximum return for all of ada delegators from any pools

I think one the game theory social intention of the Ouroboros protocol is to slightly nudge the delegates (ADA holders or stakers) not to be passive investors. Because if you are…not only do you lose money but you aid and abet bad pools operators in the ecosystem. Giving such option to pool owners might allow them to dictate who can and cannot join their pool. It’s a public ecosystem not a private one. Just my perspective based on the documents I’ve read.


What happens if you intentionally cause poll saturation?
The reason is to deliberately create pool saturation.
Block the competition pool.
It’s not impossible

How he can identify “who trying to delegate?” he will see only the amount of ada willing to delegate nothing more. Who is “bad” operator? There are many other factors telling pool good is or not, it is not argument, and the setting is inevitable.

So you can cause pool saturation at the moment also, no different. Whales you has millions of ada I think doing it right now too.