Will there ever be an Official light DESKTOP wallet?

Hi Guys,

What are the chances of there ever being a light desktop wallet, along the lines of the (excellent) Neon wallet for NEO?

A Chrome extension is no good for those who (like me) do not use Google’s web-browser. Same deal with mobile-phone based options - what do you do if you don’t have a mobile?

I’m currently running Daedalus, but it’s a bit of a temperamental, slow lump of a thing.

And I’m no developer, so can’t contribute, even though I wish I could!



P.S. Make it available on Linux too! :slight_smile:

It’s officially supported on Brave, and coming soon for Firefox.


i recall talk about moving Daedalus to a ‘lighter’ style node, where it would act like a light client at first, allowing quick access to funds, but then download the blockchain and sync in the background, until it was a full client.

thinking further about it, perhaps once shelley has come full, the Daedalus wallet could come with a bootstrap of byron, and allow syncing from a snapshot taken somewhere after the change.

the wallet is peppy enough once synced, but this is where the wallet bogs down for me as well, and i get different results on different machines/setups. some are fine, while some take ‘forever’ to sync, i honestly blame windows as much as the wallet, in this regard.

Why ADA just partner with Exodus wallet?

Got you covered pal! Around 36:56 (and also on some other AMAs), bootstrap from the Genesis block was mentioned. That’s huge, there’s not much need for a snapshot. Next thing will probably be sharding.