With cross chain interoperability, why hold ada?

Iff cardano will be able to communicate across chains, wouldn’t the real value be on those other chains, and ada the fuel to access them? Provided that they can churn out usable apps better than cardano, what would be the value of ada? Am I missing something here? a tank of gas costs much less than a road, or a car…

The real "value of holding a currency is it’s returns in the sense of “bond-like” attributes … Let’s say you are an operator of a couple of $10million dollar dapps(companies/venture / value props) , on a …“competing” dao/currency … why would you PAY to get business done , when proof of stake will PAY YOU… Bitcoin mining is not in the same realm as proof of stake … we are talking , ROI of holding an ecosystem … companies and dapps would be outcompeted by Ada’s value offering nature , one, might even propose , that cardano may even economically force companies to switch currency , by offering the node incentive

So the value proposition of cardano can …“maybe” be described as the value of holding an infinitely capable ecosystem , and indeed it’s coupon for use , which will be adas central inflation rate / stake incentive …

In a regular marketplace , a value proposition (company , Ie Google), is expected to either gain real value , ie through price and innovation, or through straight up cash dividends to shareholders … ada explicitly offers that to stakeholders , just like national reserve banks offer interest on their bonds , and like how companies pay dividends .

If I owned a big dapp … say , agi coin or Aragon or golem, or was a substantial stakeholder , I would vote to move to Ada both due to frictionlessness attribute , and due to the fact they will pay a return to asset , in line with market expectations … ether is just a vacuum of the dapps money at this point .