Y2X founders

One of my friends just gave me the skinny on Todd Morley who is one of the co-founders of Y2X…
He says he is the real deal in the finance world and could be a huge asset going forward. From the Y2X website:

J. Todd Morley, Co-Founder

Todd is Co-Founder of Y2X as well as Founder and Chairman of G2 Investment Group. In 1999, Mr. Morley co-founded investment firm Guggenheim Partners LLC, which has over $300 billion assets under management. He served on the Guggenheim Board as well as on its Executive Committee.


We need people with brains and with acumen to allocate capital efficiently. They are extremely important to the success of the platform also because of their connection to the traditional financial world.

I have met some of the smartest people on planet in finance. Good addition, I’d say.


Here is a video interview…good stuff:


Good find Donny :clap:t2:, this is exciting stuff


This is weird. In a session with a client to day he told me he is moving to Y2X. Then I see this.


How will ADA platform useful for the Y2X ? Is it for Y2X itself or for them clients?

I will find out more but I believe that Y2X is helping clients tokenize all manner of assets. I would imagine that Cardano would be a strong recommendation for what blockchain tech would be used to tokenize those assets on.