Yorio Wallet not sending

My yorio wallet is not sending my transactions anymore. It took me one hour to send two NFT’s from my wallet to my friends. Now I am constantly getting the message “Error received from server while sending transaction.”
I heard from people after a certain number of NFT’s or a certain number of transactions it just stops working.
Not sure where to go from here…

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Contact yoroi support team via app

they aren’t answering i have the same issue. i dont why they are ignoring us. its very strange

wait for the next epoch and try again

that’s in a few hours correct?

Right, if not working then try to uninstall/reinstall yoroi but first check the seed words on adalite.io (adalite.io is also a trust wallet; you can use it also for transactions)

i lost my seed phase so im screwed until they fix. like i said its very strange the team is actively ignoring tweets about this issue. its like everyone quit. my wallet has been broken for over a week. new epoch did not help either

Same issue here. Sent 4 NFTs to a friend, then Yoroi just wouldn’t send anymore.
Has that same “Error received from server while sending transaction.”
Contacted Yoroi support through the app.
Tried sending to another Nami wallet of mine, and that worked twice, but then that same message.
So strange and very frustrating.

is your wallet yorio or yoroi?