Yoroi does not connect with Ledger nano s on Firefox

I can’t connect my Ledger Nano S to Yoroi extension on firefox. It shows me an error with red cross image between cable and device (the graphic I mean) on connect screen every time I connect nano s.
I even get a prompt on ledger but the screen just closes and gives me error.

It working fine on Edge but doesn’t work on firefox.

Do you guys feel some extension is causing this? Https everywhere, decentraleyes, clearURL or privacy badger?

P.S. All firmware are updated to the latest.

Yeah its a known issue that Yoroi + Ledger has some problems with Firefox.

You have to use another browser until it gets fixed.


Oh thank god, its known. Hope it gets fixed soon. :confused:

Any update if that issue has been fixed?

I wish this could get resolved as I’m using F Fox for all my crypto stuff and i have bounce between 2 browsers because of yoroi/ledger issues. Not the end of the world but it would be nice to have it all in one place

Yoroi has not been that good in fixing their issues in the last months.

Unfortunately, the better wallet apps – Eternl, Typhon, Flint, Gero, Nami, … – are all only available in Chromium-based browsers. My choice is Brave for the crypto stuff and Firefox for the serious things, but YMMV.