Yoroi: Error received from server while getting reward history. Error received from server while getting account state

Yoroi is showing two errors:

Error received from server while getting reward history.
Error received from server while getting account state.

Any solutions? I don’t really want to migrate yet. Where are the Yoroi developers?

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Working to fix the issue :slight_smile:
Have patience

This has been affecting users for several weeks. What if you couldn’t get into your bank for several weeks and the bank told you to have patience ?

you have an alternative… you can restore the wallet on adalite.io and you will have the possibility to withdraw the funds + perform transactions

PS: I have accounts to more banks… so if one has issues, I will use the 2nd one :slight_smile:

I recovered my wallet in Daedalus and was able to withdraw my rewards by making a transaction… when I look the same wallet in Yoroi, the only rewards remaining are voting rewards from fund 5… voting rewards fucked it all by giving it like itn rewards… strange thing that this issue is due to voting rewards… anyway, you can solve this by using daedalus, only voting rewards are not accessible

and there’s another issue with daedalus… using Ledger hardware wallet, your Ledger must be open before starting Daedalus in order to work


I have same problem here. Seen yesterday morning, good lord, luckily I had sent 50% my asset to my Exchange. 1 hour latter i could not ableto sent ADA on aset out. every time I want send ADA to exchange the message Error came out. So I don’t know what to do? please please anyone help me??

Thanks a lot. For the most part it’s a good wallet.

I just waited a few days and the devs got the thing going again.

Thanks, should i switch the phone off or just use it as normal and not open the wallet?

Do not open and click on suspicious links

Thanks Alex, I have two wallet, one I can do some transaction and contain lest than 30 NFT little bit some ADA ini it and it work fine. The other one have about 220 NFT and some ADA which always have error message pop out when tried to send ADA or NFT. is it something to do with the capacity of the Yoroi wallet? or there virus ini it?

This is not aceptable… when ? I’m sorry but I find this like a bad joke.

When what?

When is it going to be usefull the wallet. Fix the error…

All errors should be fixed… try to restore the wallet, if not working contact the yoroi team via app

I still have this issue, can I do something or have patience?

If u don’t need to withdraw the funds just wait… if u will want to withdraw/move the funds then u can restore the wallet on adalite.io

Experiencing the same issue.

Error while generating transaction.
Error received from server while getting account state.

When is the fix expected to be available? Any way to track the fix progress and subscribe to a notification when it’ll be resolved? Github issue?

If u have same issue on adalite.io it means perhaps u have another issue