Yoroi ext on BRAVE browser didnt give me a Recovery Phrase or pwrd

Hi, I bought ADA via binance. Installed the CARDANO app on my ledger, but then realised it isnt supported on ledger live. I installed the Yoroi ext on brave, but it didnt give me a recovery phrase, or ask for id / pwrd. I have gone into the settings looking for them, but I cannot find them. have I made a mistake & is my ada safe? As I cannot see it on my ledger account, but can on the Yoroi extension, but without having a recovery phrase, id / pwrd im a bit worried. have i done something wrong or is there a fault on brave.

Hey @cnitb99

Imo it seems like you did everything correct aslong as you have the seed for your Ledger device :slight_smile:

If you connected your Ledger with Yoroi, your private key is in your Ledger device. Means if you have to restore your wallet, you would have to use the seed you have from your Ledger.

I hope this answers your question.


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Hi Zyroxa…I have the same issue. The Yoroi wallet extension on my Brave browser always displayed my Ada balance automatically but now I need to restore my wallet to see the balance…why would it do this? I am reluctant to enter my Ledger seed phrase.

Do you use a ledger aswell? If so please try to connect your ledger first via adalite to check if you are still using a byron wallet and if so migrate it over to shelley.


I am using Ledger nano S - I set up Yorio extension on Brave in October this year and transferred some funds from Binance to it.

Well try to connect it via adalite and remember never enter your seed in any website or application. If you have to restore your ledger then you have to enter the seed ONLY in your ledger device!

Honestly…what a hassle. I had to update firmware on my Ledger but not the Ada app as 2.04 version works…then connect Ledger via Yoroi brave extension…select Byron Wallet …and now can finally see the balance. When is this going to be accepted on Ledger so its like all my other assets? Way too complicated for mass adoption! I still dont know why my balance stopped showing up when I clicked on the extension…that always used to work. Is it because my computer rebooted?

To be fair i dont really know but im glad you could fix it. But yeah you are right it has to become way more simple for the mass.

Im pretty sure that Ledger Live integration is coming soon but thats something we cant push because Ledger has to make the work for that.