Yoroi in firefox: wallet gone when clearing all data

So, when selecting clear recent history and checking all boxes (selecting everything) in firefox (67) the whole wallet is gone and you have to restore the wallet each and every time you clear all data. Starting all over it’s so much fun… Typing 15 words (know them all by heart now) and selecting spending password… Fun fun fun.
When doing the same in chrome everything is ok and your wallet stays intact.
Why oh why…?

Your Yoroi wallet settings are saved locally so if you clear your information locally it would make sense your wallet data gets cleared too. The way we store data for Yoroi in Firefox is exactly the same as we do in Chrome so if you want this behavior to be changed you’d have to talk to Mozilla

If you use a hardware wallet, then you don’t have to type in your 15 words so that may be a solution for you.

EDIT: I tried to do this myself but I cannot reproduce the error you mentioned. Even if I check all boxes and select “everything” for the time range, the wallet data persists. Maybe this is a problem with the specific Firefox version and/or OS you are using?

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Hi Seb,

I’m working on windows 10 OS (64-bit) and using Version 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit) for Chrome and Firefox Quantum (v67.0) 64-bit.

Indeed, if both approaches that were applied to store data for Yoroi wallet in Firefox and Chrome are the same and both methods to clear all the data are similar in both browser then the results should be the same i.e. wallet removed. This is not the case for Chrome while it is for Firefox. I must be an outlier though since nobody else replied/mentioned the same issue.

I tried the same thing today but now trying different options. So, in Firefox I had Yoroi tab closed and only one tab open and did “clear recent history” -> everything -> all boxes checked. Reopened the Firefox and Yoroi wallet was still there. Second time, I did the same thing but this time, just like my euphoria, wallet was gone. I thought I had it figured out but didn’t…

On to the next steps we go. Now I disabled the Yoroi wallet first and then did the same step as above. Did it 3 times and magically wallet data persisted. So, after each “clear all data”, I enabled the yoroi back again the wallet was intact. Woohoo, magic happened! Joy and happiness flowing around! EDIT: this doesn’t work either any more so I just removed firefox extension…

Now, I have about 10 tabs or so open in Chrome and I select “clear browsing data” -> all time -> all boxes checked and the wallet data stays intact each and every time. So Chrome > Firefox :slight_smile: but unfortunately I don’t use Chrome at all…

Yeah sure, I’m gonna contact Mozilla. You know what they gonna tell me? The same thing as you but now they will blaming you and say to contact Yoroi for improper implementation in Firefox if I want this behavior to be changed…:slight_smile:

Regarding HW wallets,thx for suggestion but I prefer paper wallets though! :slight_smile:

Yoroi is a kick-ass wallet. I like it, I use it on my mobile and as a desktop wallet I still and probably always will use Daedalus. Firefox/Chrome extensions are nice to have and no big deal if they don’t work as advertised (at least to me). Just wanted to mention the issue that I’m experiencing and share with others.

Let me know if you can reproduce something that I mentioned above and looking forward to your great monthly sum-ups on youtube!

Till next time. Cheers, AD

I put a task for myself to investigate this. Hopefully we can get it fixed for the next version of Yoroi


This should be fixed as part of the 1.9 update we released a few minutes ago!


@ada_deus, Get yourself a hardware wallet and problem solved. :wink: