Yoroi integration with Koinly tax problems

Has anyone here figured out the best way of integrating a yoroi wallet with Koinly or any other tax software. The way im currently having to do it is to send over every wallet address generated by Yoroi as a separate wallet in Koinly but after recently sending some ada to someone elses account the blockchain moved my balance to a series of internal (change addresses) which means they need to be added as well and the whole api integration between the two just fell apart. there must be a better way of recording/tracking the transactions across. thanks for any help its diving me mad.


What I do is export the transactions in Yoroi to a CSV file (option in the “Transactions” tab) and then import that file in Koinly. This way all transactions end up in a single wallet in Koinly. You’ll then have to do this periodically to updated with new transactions.

The only issue I’ve run into is the small fees paid when delegating to a new pool. Yoroi counts these as a 0 value transaction with a small fee. Koinly ignores these transactions because they are 0 amount transactions. I’ve resorted to editing the CSV file to move the these amounts from the “fees” column to the “amounts” column.

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fantastic … that’s so much simpler… thank you.