Yoroi receive function not working

Hi everyone. I’m trying to send ADA from my exchange to my yoroi wallet but I am unable to save the receive address in the wallet so I can’t send ADA to it. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you

Hey @michele_h!

You use the receive address, from yoroi, in the sending window of the exchange.

So you copy/paste the base external receive address from yoroi and you paste it the sending window of coinbase/binance/kraken.


Thank you!! Thank you for your help!
The problem was that when pressing the receive address button in the wallet no function window would pop up in order to copy the address or copy to clipboard etc. I found out that it now copies automatically just by pressing the button. When I went to my exchange (ndax.io) and pressed the send button the receive address propagated there automatically.
I really appreciate your time.

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